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The IT folks will make you happy!

How? Remotely. By remotely assisting you, anywhere.

Imagine you got a laptop, phone, or a cool VR glass. And they are a source of your digital information. Source of learning, sharing, and more importantly, efficiency. They are often resilient, but there is always a moment when they don't do what you need, critically.

Happened to you?

A simple example, a collaboration application has been working on your desktop for ages, smoothly. And today is the day when in the next 30 min you have the most critical meeting of your life. And snap.. the app stops working, it crashes.

OMG, what will you be thinking?

I can fix it. I shall raise a ticket. I shall call the support. Oh no, let me talk to an AI-powered chatbot... anything else? While you can do any one of these, the probability of the issue being resolved before your next 30 min meeting is likely less than 1%. Isn't it?

I dont understand the point of waisting time.

At this life and death moment of your critical application access, one thing that you need is an "Avenger" 👨‍🎤. The one who can just appear, by the click of a button. The one when appears can diagnose the problem in minutes, like a specialist doctor. One, who can assemble a team of doctors to do live surgery. And one who can do instant surgery to give back life to your application in ERT. Who can do all this, while you are sipping your favorite coffee/tea and getting ready for the next meeting. Isn't it?

Imagine a world, where you dont have to wait to make it beautiful.

"Remote assistance", literally, is a technology operated by a cool technical specialist. One, who makes this dream a reality. Lots of leading and progressive organizations are adopting remote assistance. Not just to make one or hundreds but thousands of their "people" i.e. employees happy, instantly. People, who are doctors, bankers, executives, students, frontline staffs.. all these people, who are priceless and precious to their organization. Because these people are saving lives, building nations, improving financial equality. They need to be "happy", they need to be supported "instantly", especially when they are working in a distributed #FutureOfWork.

Let me know your thoughts, isn't the remote assistance by IT folks will make you happy?

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