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Be Future Workforce Ready: VMworld 2020 Sessions

Wherever the knowledge flows, it brings freedom!

Are you thinking of being ready to support #Distributed Workforce? How to make a strategy which will support #futureofwork? What's the latest and hottest in technology which an enterprise needs for starting modern management? I have good news for you.

VMworld 2020 recordings are available for you to watch and download. Before you start which session you should choose for yourself, you need to create a login for yourself by clicking here.

As soon as you login, you will be amazed to see the choice of sessions that you can attend and learn. There are sessions about the coolest and emerging technologies like quantum computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, smartNIC, machine learning, spatial computing using virtual reality and artificial reality. Not to mention the sessions which will help in your personal development, sessions about the multi-cloud readiness, modern applications, and proactive technologies framework to secure those applications. Yes, you are right, there is a lot to choose from. Let me help you with some recommendations if you are looking are interested in becoming Future Ready to support the Distributed workforce.

I have categorised the sessions based so that its easy to jump on them based on your interest and role:

Business and Strategy:

Business Continuity & Distributed Workforce:

Modernize Distributed Workforce:

Edge Network & Distributed Workforce:

Security for Distributed Workforce:

Ahh.. and the list can go on and on, but I would like to stop here. I am sure if you are going through these sessions, you will cross paths with sessions that will attract attention, inspire inquisitiveness, and wake you to wonder, "why I am not doing this?"

Learn, share and care!

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