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10 Guiding Principles of Experience Measurement for the future of work

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Why project of experience measurement is moving at a snail's pace? What is the best practice to build an employee experience project successful in my organization? Whom all shall I work with to make my employees experience valuable? Where shall my organization start on the transformation journey?

And questions like this are bothering and slowing you down to design an experience-centric behavior design in your organization?

Here are the ten guiding principles:

  1. User Experience measurement and transformation must be sponsored by senior executives, like CEO, CIO, CHRO or LOB Heads.

  2. Cross collaboration is critical and salient. Across IT & between IT and Business stakeholders.

  3. Experience measurement benefits many IT silos. It's critical that all applications in the portfolio are considered.

  4. Large gains in efficiency are possible with platforms that provide wholistic monitoring and easy automation capability.

  5. Experience measurement capabilities should empower the IT stack, supporting and unifying multiple decision-makers, and creating a pro-active response.

  6. Start with the key critical use case, but be future-ready with an exhaustive list of use cases to make experience measurement mature. Invest in the platform early, to ensure that technology and human resources are will not fall short during the journey.

  7. Don't just bother about technology metrics. Choose a toolset that also measures what matters to your business stakeholders.

  8. Your investments should be future proof. It should be elastic to emerging trends such as ServiceMesh, DevOps, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), and anywhere work.

  9. Budget wisely —you can see an IT budget increase of 50% or more for "the most effective” Experience Measurement tool.

  10. Don't ignore experience measurement. Learning and enhancing user experience is mission-critical for every business in the distributed digital world.

So now you know, what's holding you back to start designing the transformation.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education” - Einstein

With that, get onboarded on the transformation journey.

Start now, start small, start to scale!

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