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Moon or life: #FutureofWork choice?

December 2019, the pandemic struck each of our life. If you get a choice, to choose between a ticket to travel to the moon vs chance of saving your life from this pandemic, what will you choose?

As an electronics engineer, I wondered, why I shouldn’t work on building technology to send humans to the moon. My basic research had mind-blowing revelations. First, I found that a very minuscule population of humans can go to the moon. People who want to go to the moon have to study for years. If you are those who don’t want to study and want to go to the moon, you need to purchase a ticket that will cost just $200 million for a solo trip. This solo trip ticket cost is equal to feeding one meal to 200 million kids. 200 million kids, wow!

Resolving ticket costs to the moon is just one of the smallest problems. As soon as you will reach to the moon, you will need your friends/colleagues to hang out with, restaurants/food courts to relish the delicacies like steak/ice-cream and plant, rivers, and sky to get fresh food, water, and oxygen.

Do you have pets? Then you are going to miss your lovely pet too…

“If all the insects were to disappear from the Earth, within fifty years all life on Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, within fifty years all forms of life would flourish”, a wise man said once.

Well, leave pets and animals here on earth. Still, we have to transport 7B humans to their dream life. Extrapolating the maths of the number of people who went on the moon since 1969, I feel confident to say that it will be never that these 7B people will reach the moon.

Do you know the cost of the Apollo 11 mission? According to a recent analysis by the Planetary Society, the cost translates into an estimated $288.1 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars. What is the cost of a clinical trial of developing medicine like Relenza to treat the flu? Mere $393M...

I am aghast with stark unevenness in the investment in the cause of “LIFE”, that we all choose over the "MOON".

I recommend from here on, when you are investing your technology of future, training people for automation, or investing in collaboration application for your employees- choose life, choose people as moon is distant, not real.

I will use electronics engineering skills to make human life better and not go to the moon.

Yes, choose wisely. #futureofwork choice must be #futureready!

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