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Your office for future of work!

What is the office?

The place where the admin gets done. BBC article “How the office was invented” published in 2013 defined it perfectly.

In March this year, when pandemic happened, the student went home, the bankers were working from home, the government officials were working home, work from home was catapulted by five years.

“Work from home” solution existed, since the advent of the internet. This solution was waiting for a problem. The problem occurred with the pandemic. The pandemic catapulted the “future of work” by five years.

Aren’t you interested to know what the future of work will look like? What the office be in the future of work?

Firstly, the jobs which should not be there will not be there, I foresee. For example, slavery has long stopped. But still, there are humans who are segregating trashes, there are humans who are cleaning sewage, there are humans who are doing Inhumans jobs. Why those jobs should not be replaced by machines.

Secondly, the existing jobs will become a hybrid - partially physical, partially online. For example, the meat shop in the Tekka market, Singapore. They will sell meat to people who will go to the shop. They will also start selling meat to people who could go to the shop, but can order through mobile phones. Digitization will increase the market, increase outreach, increase the potential to sell to more people.

Thirdly, new jobs will evolve. How many of you watch short-form video sites like “TikTok”? What an amazing pool of authentic actors is there. Wonder, why Hollywood would not choose their star cast from that humungous pool of authentic actors? The authentic “global” talent will reach the “global virtual” platform to the market which is beyond the boundary - to sell what’s authentic, to sell what has a need, to sell what is timeless.

But what you can do to get ready for the future of work? I believe - Gratitude is the answer. Followed by your authentic passion.

I recommend you to do these two things:

First, pledge to be :

  • More determined

  • More enthusiastic

  • More energetic

Second, identify which of the above three offices is the best way to reach your clients, to share your authentic passion.

A wise man once said, “Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them”.

The future of work is your chance to win!

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