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Prediction: All 5 human senses will be digitised in next 20 years

There are five human senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Out of these 5 senses, one sense "touch" has seen the light of complete digitisation over last decade.

The availability, acceptance and affordability of technology in form of phones, gaming controller, thumb print scanner, finger stylus etc. has made "touch" digitisation happen. In the similar fashion the other four sense will see the light of digitisation in next two decades.

This will be possible because of maturity of three dimensions namely technology, economics and governance. Technology will evolution in terms of of Devices (IOT Sensors), Network (5G) and Computation (AI/ML based algorithms).The second dimension of cost of economics will mature because of adoption of pay per use model and cryptocurrency payment options. And its no doubt that law of the land and global governance will establish the boundary and law to secure the "data" which will be stored in form of sense.

This reminds me of of what Alexander Graham Bell said in 1914, Did you ever measure a smell? Can you tell whether one smell is just twice strong as another? Can you measure the difference between two kinds of smell and another? …If you are ambitious to find a new science, measure a smell.

Digital experience is a baby, will be toddler and a full grown adult - soon!

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